10 People (Besides the Author) Who Bring a Book Into the World

  • 2016-09-29
  • Buslte

It wasn't until I began working in publishing that I realized what a huge and complex industry it is. I think most people have an idea that book publishing consists mainly of a writer and an editor, duking it out over comma-placement in a battle of the wits. In reality, there's much more to the process, and many people are involved in the publication of a book.

Don't get me wrong, authors are incredible, and they put a mind-boggling amount of work into every project, but they just couldn't do it alone. If you take a peek at the acknowledgements section of any book, you'll get an idea about how many people help bring a book to life.

So, this article serves as a shout-out to all the amazing work that it takes to get a book from the author's pen into the reader's hand, and all the people who dedicate their lives to make it happen. If you're looking to go into publishing, I hope this post will help you realize that there are plenty of roles for you to find your place. And if you're an aspiring writer, understanding the process will only help you as you set forth to get your own book made. Publishing a book is a crazy ride, and these are the people whose hard work and talent make everything come together.