Reimagining the Scholarly Conference

Due to current restrictions and global health realities, and uncertainty on the date these restrictions will end, we have decided to continue with only the online component of the 2021 conference.
We are nonetheless excited to announce the online conference will be delivered on the CGScholar platform – developed by the Common Ground Media Lab, the research and technology arm of Common Ground Research Networks.
We are moving to bring the conference experience into the digital era. All presenters will be given Presenter Pages: linked to profiles on CGScholar, displaying abstract summary, thematic connection to panelists and peers, ability to add digital media: video, sound, other files. As an alternative, you can also participate online with Audience Passes. And finally, we'll be offering innovative online social spaces to frame serendipitous encounters for personal and professional growth.
All "Blended" registration types will be able to present online in 2021 and in-person (and/or) online in 2022.
This way we build for our Research Network Members flexible, and at the same time resilient, spaces for communication, engagement, and participation.

Themes and Special Focus

Information, Medium & Society – The Publishing Studies Research Network is brought together by a shared interest in investigating publishing practices as distinctive modes of social knowledge production. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries. As a Research Network, we are defined by our scope and concerns and motivated to build strategies for action framed by our shared themes and tensions.

Information, Medium & Society: Nineteenth International Conference on Publishing Studies features research addressing the following annual themes. Each year we also focus on a Special Focus that presents a timely challenge.

  • 2021 Special Focus - Research in the Age of Thinking Machines: Implications for Scholars, Libraries, and Publishers
  • Theme 1: Informational Foundations
  • Theme 2: Mediums of Disruption
  • Theme 3: Social History and Impacts

Plenary Speaker

The Information, Medium & Society: Nineteenth International Conference on Publishing Studies will feature a plenary session by one of the world's leading thinkers and innovators in the field.

Sarah Kember

Sarah Kember

Professor of New Technologies of Communications, Goldsmiths, UK

"Why Publishing Still Matters: Automation, Acceleration, Communication"

Conference Partner

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